Booking Help

Welcome to booking help, here we will try to address frequently asked questions.

If you need help or have any issues with the online calendar, please call Bob or Susan at 727-321-0744 or email at or And we will assist in calendaring your service with you.

If a day is partially booked you can put your mouse over the day to see what times are not available. 



Booking times are a guideline, if you need to start earlier or later we are happy to accommodate and can discuss options.

Once you have successfully placed your booking you will receive a email with details.  If you do not receive the email make sure to check your junk or spam folder, and use the right click menu to mark it as “not spam”.  Please be sure to either reply with or send to the notice or letter confirming the event with the party, counsel and email information so we can send our engagement letter and Zoom link. Please indicate the Zoom link will be provided by my office.  If the mediation or conference is in person, please indicate confirmed location details agreed upon by parties in the location or virtual options while booking.
The parties will need to secure a location with enough space or rooms, and advise my office.