Engagement Terms


Mr. Kaleel’s rate is $450.00 per hour for 2 party mediations, $500.00 per hour for 3 party mediations, $550.00 per hour for 4 party mediations. His rate for settlement conferences is $450.00 per hour regardless of the number of claimants.

There is no charge for preparation or review of summaries or information submitted for both mediations and settlement conferences.   However, there will be a charge for his time reviewing extensive submissions, or in complex cases, and for preparation and drafting proposed settlement agreements for settlement conferences with a large number of claimants.  

There is a 3 hour minimum and 48 hour cancellation policy which will be waived if the conference simply needs to be rescheduled.    

If you are booking an in person mediation, the parties must reserve a location with enough space and rooms to accommodate everyone.  There is no travel charge for in person mediation if conducted in St. Petersburg. For all in person mediations outside of St. Petersburg, there will be a travel fee, depending on nature of travel; please contact us to discuss. If anyone will be appearing virtually at any in person mediation or arbitration, please be sure the location has adequate technology to accommodate everyone.


Mr. Kaleel’s Arbitration rate is $500.00 per hour regardless of the number of claims or parties for all work done other than scheduling.

There is a 3 hour minimum and 4 business day cancellation policy for Arbitrations.